Backed by a team of specialist bioinformaticians, chemoinformaticians, wet lab experts, and fermentation specialists, our unique bioinformatics platform finds, assays, and modifies enzymes from bitBiome’s vast library to meet your precise needs.

Our enzyme mining process uses both sequence-based target screening and 3D structure-based target enzyme screening to identify a short list of candidates in a matter of weeks. Directed evolution then uses chemoinformatic modeling combined with machine learning and large language models to identify the most relevant amino acid locations that influence enzyme activity, make necessary changes to optimize activity, and assay to ensure the changes had their intended effects. Our streamlined gene engineering process combines cycles of generating diverse mutants in silico followed by robotics-driven wet lab enzyme assays, getting smarter and more precise with each round.

  • Reduces a 2-3 year process to months or even weeks 
  • In silico and wet lab screening
  • Skilled bioinformaticians and chemoinformaticians maximize conventional models and leverage proprietary ones
  • >500x faster 3D structure analysis than Google AlphaFold2
  • 24-hour bioinformatics results
  • 75% reduction in time to enzyme result
  • Up to 75% cost reduction compared to conventional methods

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