bitBiome Launches Graduate Training Support Program for All Employees 

March 26, 2024 | Press Releases

New program allows employees to pursue graduate degrees with access to bitBiome’s resources

TOKYO, March 26, 2024—bitBiome, Inc., a biotechnology company unlocking the potential of our planet’s microbes to power the future of the bioeconomy, today announced the launch of a new doctoral degree acquisition support program for all employees. The bitBiome Ph.D. Support Program will enable employees to pursue doctoral degree research in the areas of bitBiome’s work with access to the company’s key scientific resources, all for no cost to employees. 

According to the Keidanren’s survey on doctoral human resources (February 20, 2024), while the number of doctoral degree holders is increasing in major countries around the world, Japan remains at a low level. Doctoral candidates, especially in start-up environments, are expected to play an important role in both solving social issues and enabling Japan to achieve sustainable growth as a “nation built on advanced technology.” 

The bitBiome Ph.D. Support Program allows employees who have been with the company for at least one year and who meet the requirements for admission to the doctoral program to conduct research that aligns with the company’s purpose, vision, and mission and that can contribute to the bioeconomy. 

“Since its founding, bitBiome has encouraged its employees to acquire specialized knowledge and skills through doctoral programs and to be active in a wide range of fields such as research and development, business development, and new business creation,” said Yuji Suzuki, CEO of bitBiome. “We are proud to continue in the Japanese tradition of on-the-job graduate training and to create a supportive environment for doctoral candidates driven to improve our world through the power of science and technology.” 

Doctoral degrees in topics related to bitBiome’s work are sponsored by the company with full tuition costs paid. Candidates will also have access to bitBiome’s research tools, including bit-GEM, the world’s largest database of microbial genes with over 2 billion records. If a candidate opts to transition their career to a research institution, they will still be able to obtain their doctoral degree. Several of bitBiome’s open positions listed on the company’s website are eligible for the Ph.D. support program. 

About bitBiome, Inc.

bitBiome is a biotechnology company unlocking the full potential of our planet’s microbes to power the future of the bioeconomy. bitBiome’s platform is built on their proprietary single-cell microbial genome analysis technology, bit-MAP ®, which has enabled the creation of bit-GEM: an extensive and groundbreakingly diverse microbial database of over 1.3 billion sequences, sourced primarily from environmental samples and containing sequences not present in public databases. Leveraging their expertise in bioinformatics and machine learning, the company also offers a comprehensive enzyme discovery and engineering platform, bit-QED, which encompasses the identification, assessment, and modification of enzymes through wet lab evaluation and directed evolution. bitBiome is committed to improving existing biomanufacturing industries and creating new ones by delivering sequences and enzymes that cannot be found anywhere else. To learn more about bitBiome’s platform and services, visit