bitBiome Announces Collaboration with RIKEN on Single-cell Genomics of Plant Rhizosphere Microbiome

January 26, 2021 | Press Releases

bitBiome, Inc.  (Representative Director: Sunao Fujioka, “bitBiome”) and RIKEN (President: Hiroshi Matsumoto, “RIKEN”) have concluded a joint research agreement on November 26, 2020 for single-cell genomic analysis of the plant rhizosphere microbiome. 

This research collaboration between bitBiome and RIKEN will detect genomic changes at the single cell level during the establishment of soil microbes in the plant rhizosphere.

bitBiome’s proprietary single-cell genomic analysis platform, bit-MAP, will be used for single-cell genomic analysis of the soil microbiome and rhizosphere microbiome. In particular, genomic sequencing and comparative evolutionary analysis will be conducted at the single-cell level for soil and rhizosphere microorganisms.

■About RIKEN

RIKEN is Japan’s largest comprehensive research institution renowned for high-quality research in a diverse range of scientific disciplines. Founded in 1917 as a private research foundation in Tokyo, RIKEN has grown rapidly in size and scope, today encompassing a network of world-class research centers and institutes across Japan.

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■About bitBiome, Inc.

bitBiome was founded in November 2018 as a spinout from Waseda University. Its proprietary bit-MAP® platform is a unique single-cell genome analysis technology specific to microorganisms. Using this platform, rapid, comprehensive, and accurate analysis of unknown microbes can be achieved, without requiring the isolation and cultivation of the cells or complicated data processing typically required in conventional microbiome research. bitBiome provides this technology to academic and corporate partners, mainly in the pharmaceutical and agricultural fields, for next-generation microbiome analysis to Unlock the potential of microbes

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